What is NxPublisher

NxPublisher is an online editor for editing printed material, also known as Design-to-Print.
NxPublisher can be applied as a webshop, for printing offices or designers, as well as large organisations with specific guidelines for their corporate identity.
Because the editor works with Adobe's IDML-files, a seamless integration with Adobe InDesign is created. That way you can easily transfer your templates from Adobe InDesign to NxPublisher. After you edited your document in NxPublisher, you can also download the IDML again and open your document in InDesign. It's also possible to let NxPublisher generate a (hi-res and lo-res) PDF for you.
Your users can save, delete, edit and order their products.

Easy (and everywhere!) to use

All you need is a internet connection and a browser with Flash player (version 10 or higher) installed. NxPublisher is 100% Flash based, so it'll run on almost every system.
We host NxPublisher in our cloud, so you don't have to install any software or buy any hardware. You don't have to worry about maintenance or updates; we take care of it all.


Whether you own a printing office selling specific producsts, or a diverse range of products in various sizes, whether you're a designer and want to sell templates or whether you're looking for a solution for your organisation; NxPublisher is designed so that it can be applied in almost every environment.
Apply for an account and you'll instantly have control over your own website and admin panel. You decide yourself which products you sell. Orders can be generated instantly in PDF or downloaded as IDML in case post-processing is necessary.

Integration with your processes

NxPublisher is still in development. By listening to our customers we know which features and additions are required the most, and which improvements must be made first. By asking feedback from our customers and keeping them up to date about development, we try to integrate NxPublisher in your workflow as good as possible.


Quintor offers NxPublisher for €299,- (excl. VAT) per month. You'll recieve a so called vendor-account, in which you can manage your templates, prices, customers and orders. Also included are 100 orders per month. After 100 orders, you'll pay €3,- per order.


Want to give NxPublisher a try? Click here for a demonstration of the editor and our own front-end. You can try out the back-end as well (which is currently only available in Dutch).
Login at http://www.nxpublisher.com/admin with:
E-mail: test@nxpublisher.com
Password: test1234
This account is being reset every night, so feel free to test your own files. After creating a template you'll see a link to your file in case you want to view it in the editor.

Request an account

Creating your own vendor-environment is very easy. Click here and fill in your details. You'll recieve a e-mail with your details and you have instant access.