WYSIWYG editor

The possibilities of the editor are almost limitless. It supports editing of text, polygons, transparancy, alignment, rotation and a lot more. The intelligent imageserver can handle most formats: GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP and even vectorbased EPS. Copy/paste and undo/redo make the editor suitable for complex designs. All your changes are immediately visible, WYSIWYG. The editor is completely webbased, so no installation of software is required.

Webshop concept

You can offer your clients a complete solution with the webshop. Define your own products and categories and price them with our pricing module. Your customers can create their own account and it's up to you if they have to pay for their designs (using iDeal) or if they can download it for free. You control all of your templates, customers and orders with the included admin panel.

InDesign integration

NxPublisher offers a seamless integration with Adobe Indesign by using IDML, the XML-format of Adobe InDesign. All ordered products can be downloaded as either PDF or Adobe InDesign file. That way you can post-process orders within Adobe InDesign. You can easily offer your InDesign templates to your customers by importing and exporting them with the admin panel.

Cloud solution

NxPublisher is hosted in our very own cloud. We'll take care of the hardware, software, storage and backups. No worries about installation, upgrades, backup and maintenance. You can manage your payments with iDeal. This way you have more time to concentrate on offering new products and processing orders. Safe, secure and cost effective.